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Landscape Maintenance

Let us keep your property looking its best. BJ's offers the full range of maintenance services.

Weekly Lawn Mowing
Mowing is an art and a skill and when done properly will enhance curb appeal and set off your property from others in your neighborhood. mowing at the proper height throughout the season will help your lawn grow properly, help the soil retain moisture, prevent fungal disease and prevent unwanted weed growth. varying the mowing pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also helps to prevent ruts and uneven wear on your lawn. we at BJ's have the expertise and experience to give your property the crisp look that only a good mowing is able to do.

Lawn Renovation and Overseeding
BJ's recommends overseeding for several reasons: To fill a thin lawn or bare spots, to introduce a better variety of turf into an existing lawn and to repair areas that are damaged by insects, drought, etc.

Aeration and Dethatching
When your soil becomes compacted or an unacceptable amount of thatch develops, lawn aeration and dethatching can correct the condition.

Bed Maintenance, Edging & Mulching
Our bed maintenance programs are dedicated to properly managing planting beds & removing weeds. Nothing gives a property a finished look better than nice deep edges & mulch, not to mention that installing mulch properly will help retain moisture for plants as well as help maintain a consistent soil temperature.

Stump Grinding
Using state of the art equipment we can grind any stump well below grade in preparation for everything from a lawn install to simply removing an unsightly stump.

Tree & Shrub Pruning
Trees and shrubs and selected plants will be pruned and shaped for maximum aesthetic value while maintaining the natural texture and form within the scheme of the landscape.