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Irrigation Installation, Service & Maintenance

BJ’s Lawncare and Landscaping offers a full service residential and commercial irrigation division servicing Cape Cod and the South Coast. BJ’s is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services for all your irrigation needs. Here at BJ’s, we offer a variety of comprehensive service plans tailored to every situation at competitive prices. A professionally maintained irrigation system will help ensure that your landscaping receives the proper amount of moisture, giving it the optimal environment for healthy, lush growth.

As well as providing premium services for existing irrigation, BJ’s also provides full installation services for new irrigation systems. Our installations are done with the landscape topography and the owner's budget in mind. We work with the property owner to create a properly designed system that is both efficient and customized for the amount of water the landscaping requires by using the latest technology offered in the industry. A professionally installed and maintained irrigation system will beautify your landscaping and add value to your home.


Spring Start-up

The Spring Start-up Service is a comprehensive health check for your irrigation system, ensuring that every zone is delivering the optimal amount of water for all of the customer's landscape conditions. We perform the following functions during our Spring Start-up service:

- System pressurization with complete inspection of entire system to check for any winter damage
- Make repairs necessary to system operation and functionality
- Program timer to customer's specific needs and requests
- Replace the timer's back-up battery as needed
- Adjust spray patterns for proper coverage where necessary
- Complete system assessment for potential modifications and upgrades to optimize efficiency

Fall Winterization

Winterization is a critical part of maintenance to the health of the irrigation system. Failure to properly drain the system in the fall could result in significant damage to the valves and lines over the winter. We perform the following functions during our Fall Winterization service:

- System isolation and purge with compressed air
- Turn off controller
- Drain Backflow Prevention Valve and set to manufacturer's specifications
- Inspect system during winterization process for possible spring repairs

Service Calls

Here at BJ’s Lawncare and Landscaping, keeping your irrigation system fully operational during the season is our top priority. We pride ourselves in providing prompt, courteous service with flexible scheduling that caters to the clients’ needs and availability. All work is covered with a complete 1 year warranty on all parts, material, labor and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Water Management and Service plans

BJ’s Lawncare and Landscaping offers 3 comprehensive service plans to ensure all your irrigation needs are met. All plans include the Spring Start-up and Fall Winterization services with different features included that are designed to meet all your property management and irrigation needs.

Basic Agreement

Many clients are self-sufficient with the use of their irrigation system so this plan offers just the basics. With a signed service agreement, BJ’s will provide the following:

- Spring Start-up
- Fall Winterization

Water Management Program

For the client that requires a little more attention, this plan has several more features. With a signed service contract, BJ’s will provide the following:

- Spring Start-up
- Fall Winterization
- Mid-Season (July) System Inspection

Water Management Program Plus

Designed for the home or business that requires a completely automated service, this plan is for you. With a signed contract, BJ’s will provide the following:

- Spring Start-up
- Fall Winterization
- Mid-Season (July) System Inspection
- Monthly property monitoring with watering schedule adjustments as needed

Property Monitoring

Keeping your landscape looking lush and green can prove to be a daunting task. Property monitoring and timer adjustment services are available for all service plans. This service includes monthly visits to your property starting in the middle of May and ending the middle of September in order to ensure proper watering per weather patterns with the controller adjusted accordingly.

Irrigation systems differ in size and function from property to property so pricing will vary.

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